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Insects like mosquitoes, ticks, flies, etc, are not only a nuisance to humans and animals but they also transmit diseases that in the worst case can be deadly. Thanks to modern microtechnology there is a new generation of biocides that are more pleasant to use as well as safer for humans, animals and the environment than conventional insect repellent products. Microencapsulation offers the following advantages:
  • Absorption of the active substance through the skin reduced by 90 %
  • A constant, regular flow of the active substance gives a long-lasting protection
  • The microcapsules lie in water, no other chemicals are involved
  • Reduced risk of over-dosification
  • Less waste in the environment
  • Can be used on cats or near cats
  • Does not stain fabrics, syntetics, platics or leather
  • Pleasant to use with a light perfume

The microcapsules, invisible to the human eye, are equal in size to our red blood cells (4-7 micron, 1 micron = 1/1000 mm). They consist of a kernel of active substance and an outer shell made of food grade polymers. The shell is porous, permitting a constant and regular release of active substance which prolongs the repelling effect. The shell also hinders the substance to be freely absorbed through the skin.

All the sprays are manual, completely free from freons and other environmentally dangerous ingredients. All the bottles can be recycled.

DR 1, 500 ml spray
with text in Brittish on
one side of the packaging

Spray, 50 ml
Use Humans from 3 years, horses, pets
* See footer
Mosquitoes, flies, horse flies, sand flies, ticks, etc
Shortest effectivity
according to tests
Mosquitoes 100 % = 8 hours
Ticks         100 % = 8 hours
Mosquitoes 100 % = 6 days on cotton textile
Tested species

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Mosquito: Anopheles Gambiae (malaria) och Aedes Aegypti (yellow fever, dengue)
Tick: Ixodes Ricinus
Ingredients Microencapsulated Saltidin (Icardin), water, protein, perfume
Packaging 50 ml and 500 ml
Plastic bottle, manual spray, recyclable
Can be sprayed on Skin, textiles, leather, plastic and synthetic materials
Registrations Sweden: KEMI, Reg. no 4830. Biocide, class III
Registro de Productos Zoosanitarios no 01894-H

* Which species the products are effective against is not limited by the tests made specially for DR 1. There are many other tests that show good results on a large variety of species.

KemI, the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate: "Icaridin has been reported in studies on humans to have effect against the following mosquito species: Anopheles, Aedes spp, Armigeres spp, Culex spp, Mansonia sp and Culicoides impuntatus. 20% (w/w) Icaridin also reduces the risk of tick's bite (Ixodes Ricinus, larvae, nymphs and adults)."


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