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Modern and environmentally friendly biocides against flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, lice, scabies, etc...

Microincapsulated products = decreased dermal absorbtion

DR 1 The best mosquito spray on the market today? 100 % protection against mosquitoes' and tick's bites during at least 8 hours when sprayed on the skin and repelling effect for at least 6 days when sprayed on cotton textile! Also effective against horse flies.
New! Now also available in "horse size", 500 ml
MK 19 Mosquito spray with at least 8 hours 100 % protection against mosquito bites.

NIM - against parasites, good for the skin and the environment

RB 86

Natural biocide with neem oil for pasting animals like horses, cows and sheep. Protects against fly and tick bites for days. Also useful for sprinkling in the stable and on the dung pile.

Mygg & Sånt Spray against flies and mosquitoes for humans and animals. 100 % protection for 6 hours and 91 % after 8 hours.
Teneryl Hygiene biocide product for veterinary use. To treat superficial wounds and scrapes. On sale at half the price!
Neem Shampoo Removes gently parasites and eggs that hide in your pet's fur.
New! Now also available in "horse size", 500 ml

All the products are manufactured in Sweden and are registered at KemI, the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate.



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